Littelfuse®研制出Pulsed WaveGuide™ (PWG™)传感器

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PWG™ Sensor

TROY, MI January 25, 2018 – Littelfuse®, Inc., has developed a unique contactless position measurement technique based on the measurement of flight of time (FOT), the Pulsed WaveGuide™ (PWG™) sensor. This sensor is particularly useful for non-conventional shaped tanks because its continuous level sensing allows for exact measurements and customized sensor outputs. The PWG™ sensor electronically transmits an electromagnetic pulse through an electromagnetic waveguide and a reflection of that pulse is developed due to the presence of a localized magnetic field on the waveguide—typically induced by a small magnet.

“The introduction of the Littelfuse® PWG™ Continuous Level Sensor offers our customers a greater flexibility in packaging for their vehicle storage tanks since the output can be customized to allow for non-linear fluid level readings due to a non-conventional shape,” said James Lane, Global Director, ASP Program Management & Technical Marketing at Littelfuse.

Applications for the PWG™ level sensor include linear actuator position sensing, valve position sensing, as well as clutch and brake cylinder piston position. It is also ideal for vehicle suspension height sensing, robotic applications and industrial positioning applications.

This cost effective linear position sensing technology is capable of producing a highly versatile, robust and accurate (<2% accuracy without correction) distance measurement solution for detecting a target without physical contact between the sensor and the target magnet-which can be placed behind a non-ferrous wall. The PWG™ Sensor package contains signal conditioning electronics and a screened wave guide transmission line-the sensing element which provides robustness to meet OEM ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements.


Serial production for this product begins January 2018.

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