Littelfuse Continues its Platinum Level Status, Recognized for Ninth Consecutive Year

美国芝加哥2018年5月24日讯 - Littelfuse公司 (NASDAQ: LFUS) was recognized by TTI Americas with the Supplier Excellence Award during last week's Electronic Distribution Show (EDS) in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the ninth consecutive year that Littelfuse has been awarded this distinction.

"We are pleased to recognize Littelfuse with the TTI Americas Supplier Excellence Award for 2017," said Melanie Pizzey, TTI Vice President of Global Business Operations. "Over the last nine years, Littelfuse has continuously demonstrated a commitment to excellence in building strong collaboration, improving quality performance, and delivering outstanding service for our customers."

"We are honored to receive this recognition from TTI Americas, a highly respected leader in electronics distribution," said Deepak Nayar, Littelfuse Senior Vice President and General Manager, Electronics Business Unit. "This award celebrates the commitment of our associates in providing the highest level of quality and service for our customers. We have built a collaborative and customer-focused relationship with TTI Americas and we look forward to continuing that momentum moving forward."

TTI卓越供应商奖旨在表彰该公司最杰出的供应商。 The award recipients are chosen based on exceeding performance goals in quality, operational excellence, and management engagement.

TTI, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company, is an authorized, specialty distributor of interconnect, passive and electromechanical (IP&E) components and the distributor of choice for industrial and consumer electronics manufacturers worldwide. 更广泛和更丰厚的库存、尖端产品和定制的供应链解决方案让TTI成为领先的电子元器件经销专家。 Globally, the company maintains two million cubic feet of dedicated warehouse space containing over 850,000 component part numbers. Along with its subsidiaries, Mouser Electronics, Sager Electronics, and Symmetry Electronics, TTI employs over 5,400 employees and is represented in over 100 locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. For more information about TTI, visit

Littelfuse成立于1927年,是全球领先的电路保护产品供应商,拥有电源控制和传感器技术领域的先进平台。 公司服务于电子、汽车和工业市场的客户,产品包括保险丝、半导体、聚合物、陶瓷、继电器和传感器。 Littelfuse拥有超过11,000名员工,分布于全球各地的50个地点。 欲知详情,请访问