LFMX0007Z-01 MiniFlec
LFLX0006-01 EPC

芝加哥,2018年9月25日 - Littelfuse, Inc., the global leader in circuit protection, introduced the EPC Series and MiniFlec Series Power Distribution Modules for the commercial vehicle industry. Both products are internally bussed, connectorized, sealed power distribution module, suitable for mounting in rugged commercial vehicle applications.

Both products have a dense concentration of high power circuits and accept plug devices like automotive fuses, diodes and relays to protect and control complex electrical systems. Geoff Schwartz, Business Development Manager, Commercial Vehicles, at Littelfuse, said "These products can be internally mounted to a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that allows bussed connections to a large number of devices."

The EPC has electrical connectors that support surface mount applications. These connectors are configurable with various power I/0. The sealed rugged enclosure protects internal circuitry from harsh environments such as high shock, vibration, as well as moisture and contaminants, giving this product an approved IP67 ingress protection rating. The EPC includes a cover to help protect the base, preventing misplacement as well as includes 5 spare fuse locations.

EPC Series Power Distribution Module Applications:

  • 主要电力系统配电和保护
  • 可容纳27个迷你保险丝
  • 采用3 C型280系列继电器和6 A型280系列继电器
  • 2个独立的电源输入总线
  • 所有继电器共用共地电路 

The MiniFlec includes a tethered cover attached securely to the base as well as uses 3 Form C 280 Series Relays, 3 Form A 280 Ultra Micro Series Relays, and One ISO Mini Relay, All relays share common ground circuit and can hold 11 MINI fuses and 2 higher amperage MCASE+ fuses. The MiniFlec is designed for panel mounting and base compression limiters prevent over-torquing when unit is mounted. 

MiniFlec Series Power Distribution Module Applications:

  • 主要电力系统配电和保护
  • 辅助盒可添加额外容量
  • 密封坚固的外壳可在恶劣环境中保护内部电路,例如存在高度震荡、振动以及潮湿和污染物的环境
  • Sealed to IP67/69K
  • 含有将盖子连接到底座、防止错位的系绳
  • Standard MiniFlec includes 6 spare fuse locations (4 MINI Fuses / 2 MCASE Fuses)

The MiniFlec Series Power Distribution Module is available as a standard unloaded market product. The EPC Series Power Distribution Module is available as a connectorized power distribution module with IP67/IP69K.

Please talk to your local representative for additional details on how Littelfuse can build your EPC or Miniflec specific to your requirements.  您可通过全球各地的Littelfuse授权经销商索取样品。 如需了解Littelfuse授权经销商名录,请访问。

可通过以下方式查看更多信息: MiniFlec系列 Power Distibution Module product page and on the EPC系列 Power Distribution Module product page. For technical questions, please contact our technical support team at

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