XPress-Ship Program 系列 - 并联跳闸开关

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Littelfuse产品并非为以下用途而设计,也不应被用于这些用途:包括但不限于汽车、航空航天、医疗、救生、维生、核设施、高可靠性应用、用于手术植入体内的装置,或者在产品故障或运行无法达到理想状态的情况下会造成人身伤害、死亡或财产损失的任何其他应用。除非在适用的Littelfuse产品文档中已有明确说明。 如果将产品用于相关Littelfuse文件中未明确说明的任何其他用途,则产品不享受Littelfuse质保。 如果将产品用于相关Littelfuse文件中未明确说明的其他用途,则Littelfuse不会为因此造成的任何索赔或损失承担责任。 除非经Littelfuse另行许可,否则Littelfuse产品的销售和使用应遵守Littelfuse销售条款与条件。 "Littelfuse"包括Littelfuse, Inc.及其所有附属实体。

The LPS Series POWR-Switch is a pre-wired shunt-trip unit, which helps make procurement easier than systems with multiple components. The fully loaded, switch reduces labor and installation costs and meets a variety of customer requirements such as code and standard compliance.

The Littelfuse XPress-Ship™ program adds to our product and service offering with the introduction of 48 Hour direct shipment service on our fully loaded POWR-Switch to meet your urgent system requirement on-time.

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Catalog #Panel Max VACPanel Max AmpsCompare
XPS1T20R1KGN1F3-AZ 208100
XPS1T48R1KGN1BF3 480100
XPS1T48R1KGN1F3-AZ 480100
XPS2T20R1KGN2F3-AZ 208200
XPS2T48R1KGN2BF3 480200
XPS6T20R1KGN6F3-AZ 20860
XPS6T48R1KGN6F3-AZ 48060
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