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系列: 59050
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Littelfuse产品并非为相关Littelfuse产品文件中明确说明的用途以外的其他用途而设计,也不应被用于这些用途(包括但不限于汽车、军事、航空航天、医疗、救生、维生或核设施应用、用于手术植入体内的装置、或者在产品故障或运行无法达到理想状态的情况下会造成人身伤害、死亡或财产损失的任何其他应用)。 如果将产品用于相关Littelfuse文件中未明确说明的任何其他用途,则产品不享受Littelfuse质保。 如果将产品用于相关Littelfuse文件中未明确说明的其他用途,则Littelfuse不会为因此造成的任何索赔或损失承担责任。 除非经Littelfuse另行许可,否则Littelfuse产品的销售和使用应遵守Littelfuse销售条款与条件。 "Littelfuse"包括Littelfuse, Inc.及其所有附属实体。

安装在印刷电路板上的小型磁簧开关,尺寸为22.86mm x 6.73mm x 4.57mm (0.900" x 0.265" x 0.180"),有常开、常闭和转换触点可供选择。 含模制支座,以便清洗电路板。 客户可自定灵敏度。 10VA时最高可切换至265Vac/300Vdc。 提供多种灵敏度选择。 非常适合位置和限位感应、安保和门窗警报系统。 与57050驱动器配合使用时效果最佳。

: 57050驱动器单独出售。


  • 提供方便清洗电路板的模制支座
  • 密封触点
  • 客户可自定灵敏度


  • 可直接安装在印刷电路板上
  • 适合在高湿度的受污染环境中使用
  • 非常适合用于切换微控制器逻辑电平负载


  • 位置和限制切换
  • 安保

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59050-2-T-00-0 ECAD Models

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UR UR_NKCR2_E61760_101218342

pdf icon Sensing Products Selection Guide

This guide provides an introduction to magnetic sensing and options for value-added custom design packages.

pdf icon Flow Sensing in Tankless Water Heaters Application Note

Reed switches and sensors are highly effective solutions for flow sensing applications that can be used for detecting the presence of fluid flow in a system or even measure the rate of fluid flow.

pdf icon Position and Level Sensing in Washing Machines

A most integral appliance in any home is a washing machine. Washing machines have helped made the chore of cleaning clothes quite effortless.

pdf icon Rice Cooker Lid Lock Application Note

The position sensing lid lock ensures that the lid is securely locked in place.

pdf icon Reed Switch Selection Guide

A quick reference guide to selecting reed switches for electronic applications

pdf icon Ampere turn versus mT and Gauss Application Note

What is the relationship between AT (Ampere*turn) and Tesla or Gauss? What magnet strength will activate a 15 AT reed switch at 5 mm?

pdf icon Capacitive Loads Application Note

When there is significant capacitance in a reed sensor reed relay or reed switch circuit the peak current and energy switched by the reed contacts should be considered.

pdf icon Catalog Glossary Reed Switch Terms Application Note

Reed Switch Terms Glossary

pdf icon Extreme Temperature Reed Switch Operation Application Note

Littelfuse reed switches are normally specified to operate in a temperature range of -40 �C to +125 �C. T

pdf icon Handling of Reed Sensors Relays And Switches Application Note

When used within their capabilities Littelfuse reed sensors reed relays and reed switches provide many years of robust performance

pdf icon Inductive Load Arc Suppression Application Note

When a reed switch or reed sensor is used to control an inductive device (relay coil solenoid transformer small motor etc.)

pdf icon Measuring Reed Switch Sensitivity and Contact Resistance Application Note

The purpose of this application note is to document the preferred method of reading the sensitivity and contact resistance of Littelfuse reed switches.

pdf icon Modifying Reed Switches Application Note

When cutting and forming reed switch leads it is important to use the correct support and cutting tools to avoid causing damage to the glass-to-metal hermetic seals.

pdf icon Reed Switch and Reed Sensor Activation Application Note

Although a reed switch can be activated by placing it inside an electrical coil many reed switches and reed sensors are used for proximity sensing and are activated by a magnet.

pdf icon Reed Switch Extended Shock Capabilities Application Note

The maximum shock specifications in the Littelfuse catalog are very conservative for most switches smaller than the DRxxxx type. T

pdf icon Soldering Temperatures Application Note

This application note applies to all of Littelfuse�s products that are normally soldered to printed circuit boards (PCBs) including all reed switches.

pdf icon Storage of Littelfuse Sensor Parts Application Note

The data sheets for Littelfuse parts show temperature ranges for storage. However long term exposure to extreme temperatures in the specified storage temperature range may degrade solderability of terminals.

pdf icon Vibration Testing and Precautions Application Note

Littelfuse tests sinusoidal vibration according to Mil. Std. 202G Method 204D Test Condition G (10 � 2000 Hz frequency sweep at 30 G or 0.06 inch double amplitude whichever is less).

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