LS0502SCD33S 系列 - Single Cell Super Capacitor Protection IC for Backup Power Applications

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The LS0502SCD33S is a complete solution for system with backup storage capacitor or capacitor bank. It integrates input overvoltage, overcurrent protection circuit, a reverse blocking switch and super capacitor charging control circuit.

When the main supply is present and above the minimum system supply voltage, system will draw power from input supply. At the same time, integrated linear charger charges the storage element at up to 300 mA current. Once the storage element is charged, the circuit draws only 2.5 μA of current while it maintains the super capacitor or other storage element in its ready state. When the main supply is removed, the integrated reverse blocking switch will block current flow from system rail to input. The linear charger will be turned on to provide power to system rail with low resistance path with up to 2 A current.

The LS0502SCD33S is externally programmable for input current limit, input overvoltage, charge current limit, and charge voltage limit. It provides a flag signal when input supply is unplugged so that main system can taking action. LS0502SCD33S is available in DFN3X3-10 package.


  • 3.3 V to 5.5 V System Voltage
  • 18 V Input Rating with Overvoltage Protection
  • Programmable 1.1 V to 5.3 V Cap Voltage Range
  • Programmable Super Capacitor Charge Current
  • Programmable Input Overcurrent Protection
  • Up to 2 A Discharge Current
  • Programmable Voltage and Current Thresholds
  • ±2 % Threshold Accuracy
  • 2.5 μA Ready Quiescent Current
  • Small Solution Size
  • DFN Package


  • Handheld Industrial Equipment
  • Dash Camera
  • IoT
  • SmartMeter
  • Portable Device with Removable Battery


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Catalog #Operation Voltage (V)Vmax (V)Continuous Current (A)Ron (mΩ)Over Current Protection (A)Over Voltage Protection (V)Over Temperature ProtectionReverse BlockingQuiescent Current (µA)Shut Down Current (µA)PackagePartner ECAD ModelsStockSamples
LS0502SCD33S 3.3-5.5182100Adjustable62.51.5DFN3x3_10LLS0502SCD33S Check订购
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