Marine Push-Button Switches 系列 - Extra Heavy Duty and Heavy Duty Marine Grade Push-Button Switches

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Marine grade momentary switches are suitable for the harsh environments of marine applications.

Available Attributes
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Extra Heavy Duty Voltage: 12-36 Vdc
Extra Heavy Duty Amps:
     12 Vdc
     24 Vdc
     36 Vdc

35 A
20 A
10 A
Heavy Duty Voltage: 6-36 Vdc
     12 Vdc

10 A

电路: Normally Off, Normally On
端子: Brass Screw Terminals
按钮: Screw on rubber cap, Snap on rubber cap, Anodized aluminum, Chrome plunger


Catalog #Current Rating (Continuous) in AmpsVoltage Rating MaxCircuitryNormal PositionPositionsActuatorActuator DetailsInput TerminalsHousingIngress ProtectionContact MaterialMounting MethodCircuitsCompare
产品号额定电流(连续),单位为安培最大额定电压电路Normal PositionPositionsActuatorActuator Details输入端子外壳入口保护触点材料安装方法电路比较
M-485-BP 1012SPST正常断开型2 Brass Screws黄铜银奖
M-490 3524SPST正常断开型2 Brass Screws黄铜银奖
M-490-BP 3524SPST正常断开型2 Brass Screws黄铜银奖
M-492 1012SPST正常断开型2 Brass Screws黄铜银奖
M-492-BP 1012SPST正常断开型2 Brass Screws黄铜银奖
M-524 1012SPST正常断开型2 Brass Screws黄铜银奖Fits panels up to 3/4 thick (19.1mm)
M-608 1012SPST正常断开型2PlungerBlack RubberTwo Wire Lead (0.38)黄铜Hencol SealStainless Steel
M-612 1036SPST正常断开型Two Brass Screw terminals黄铜银奖Fits panels up to 1 (25.4mm)
M-612-BP 1036SPST正常断开型Two Brass Screw terminals黄铜银奖Fits panels up to 1 (25.4mm)
M-626 SPST2Plunger黄铜银奖1
M-626-02 SPST2Plunger黄铜银奖1
M-626-BP 3512SPST正常断开型2Plunger"Black Rubber; ""PUSH"" Imprint"2 Screw黄铜银奖
M-914-01 1012SPST常闭2 Brass Screws黄铜银奖Fits panels to 3/4 (19.1) thick
M-485 1012SPST正常断开型2 Brass Screws黄铜银奖
M-485-BX 1012SPST正常断开型2 Brass Screws黄铜银奖
M-626 3512SPST正常断开型2Plunger"Black Rubber; ""PUSH"" Imprint"2 Screw黄铜银奖
M-626-02 3512SPST正常断开型2Button2 Screw黄铜银奖

pdf icon Marine Push-Button Switches 2D Prints

Part Numbers: M-485 M-490 M-492 M-524 M-612 M-626-02 M-626 M-914-01

pdf icon 35A Heavy-Duty Push-Button Switches Datasheet

35A Norm Open Push Button Datasheet

产品编号 零件描述 RoHS 无铅 RoHS (2015/ 863/EU)认证 REACH(SVHC's)声明 无卤素 REACH(SVHC's)
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