PCB footprints & 3D models

Littelfuse has partnered with SamacSys to provide free PCB symbols, footprints and 3D models. Available now on Littelfuse.com at the speed of a single click. Explore our library of high-quality ECAD models, compatible with all major ECAD software, to accelerate your PCB design flow.

Build or Request PCB
Symbol or Footprint

PCB Symbol and
Footprint Available
for Download

3D Model Available
for Download

Getting Started
Library Loader Tool

Download the Library Loader tool for importing ECAD models into your PCB design software.

How to use the Libraries

1. Install the Library Loader

Download Library Loader

2. Run Library Loader from the desktop shortcut:

Subsequent library downloads go straight into your ECAD Tool.


Where can I find PCB symbols, footprints, and 3D models of Littelfuse products?


ECAD Models are not available for download for a Littelfuse product I selected – what now?


My request for Build or Request PCB Symbol or Footprint was abandoned – what now?

Compatible with all major ECAD software