芝加哥,2020年10月6日Littelfuse公司 (NASDAQ: LFUS), a global manufacturer of leading technologies in circuit protection, power control and sensing, today launched individual solar energy power systembattery energy storage system (BESS) focused microsites to help educate, simplify research and make it easier for customers to select the right products for their renewable energy systems.

"The two microsites, solar and BESS, were developed to streamline product selection and offer insights into building a better renewable energy system," said Deb Jayson, Littelfuse industrial business unit senior marketing manager. "We centralized resources to help engineers, designers and buyers learn how to design a more cost-effective and efficient system." microsite offers easy access to:

  • Educational videos
  • Product information, data sheets and technical specifications
  • Solar protection white paper
  • System applications overview
  • Surge protection application guide
  • Product selection catalog microsite offers easy access to::

  • Product information, data sheets and technical specifications
  • Battery energy storage system circuit protection white paper
  • Arc-flash overview, selection guide and FAQs
  • Customer success stories/case studies
  • Arc-flash key considerations guide and knowledge center
  • System applications overview


Littelfuse (NASDAQ: LFUS)是领先电路保护、电源控制和感应技术的全球制造商。 我们的产品服务于超过100,000家最终客户,被应用于汽车和商用车、工业应用、数据和电信、医疗设备、消费电子产品和电器。 全球各地超过11,000名员工与客户合作设计、生产和提供创新的高品质解决方案,打造更安全、更环保并且更加紧密相连的世界——无处不在,每时每刻。 了解详情请访问。