Underscores company’s unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, social progress, and ethical governance (ESG).

芝加哥,2024年6月26日Littelfuse公司 (NASDAQ: LFUS), a diversified, industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected, and safer world, is proud to announce the release of our fourth annual 可持续发展报告. At Littelfuse, we believe that every employee, customer, and partner has the potential to drive positive change - environmentally, socially, and ethically. Together, we're shaping a future defined by sustainable choices and conscientious actions.

"Sustainability isn't just a concept for us; it's integrated into our business strategy, processes, and daily actions," said Dave Heinzmann, Littelfuse President and Chief Executive Officer. "We are pleased to share our latest report, which reflects on the progress we have made over the last year. Our dedication goes beyond just meeting targets-it's about creating lasting value for our communities, customers, partners, and planet."

Littelfuse strategic focus on developing and launching products that enable customers' sustainability efforts is at the heart of our purpose. By equipping our customers with innovative offerings, we empower them to deliver more sustainable solutions that help to drive broader environmental progress throughout the industries we serve. Highlights from the 2023 Sustainability Report:


· 24% reduction in GHG intensity since 2019

· 46% of our manufacturing sites utilize renewable energy

· Established site-level annual GHG and water targets

· 37% increase in water recycling

· 3-year consecutive reduction in hazardous waste



· 22.5% females in leadership, an increase of 1.5% from the prior year

· Enhanced leadership training and coaching program

· 3 sites maintained zero workplace injuries for 3+ consecutive years

· 805 critical suppliers screened for ESG risk

· 91% of employees agree their manager sets a good example for ethical behavior



· Local Ethics Ambassadors program launched at 28 largest locations

· 30,200 hours of ethics and compliance training

· Gold rating from EcoVadis (94th percentile)

· Obtained third-party verified GHG data

· Enhanced workplace investigation program and training


"I am excited by the efforts of our global team to prioritize our Sustainability initiatives through creativity and innovation as we focus on continuous improvement and find new ways to integrate our sustainability objectives into our business," said Rebekah Mihm, Littelfuse Global Ethics, Compliance, and Sustainability Senior Manager. "We invite everyone to join us in driving progress on our sustainability journey."

To learn more about Littelfuse ESG initiatives, visit our environmental, socialgovernance webpage. The 2023 Littelfuse Sustainability Report is available for download 此处


Littelfuse (NASDAQ: LFUS) 是一家多元化的工业技术制造公司,致力于为可持续发展、互联互通和更安全的世界提供动力。 凭借覆盖超过20个国家的业务和约17,000名全球员工,我们与客户合作,设计和交付创新、可靠的解决方案。 服务于超过100,000家最终客户,我们的产品每天应用于世界各地的各种工业、运输和电子终端市场。 详情请访问


Emily Davis
Source: Littelfuse, Inc.